Friday, August 2, 2013


I want to talk today about new Special K Nourish Bars & Hot Cereal's.

Breakfast just got better!
I was given a mission to try Hot Cereals:
*Cranberry Almond*
*Maple & Brown Sugar Crunch*
*Raisin's & Almond's* 

And Special k Nourish Bar's:
*Lemon Twist*
*Cranberry Almond* 

Hot Cereals-
The Cranberry Almond was really good,for not being a fan of Cranberry's they sure made me become a fan.The mix of Cranberry and Almond is the perfect combo.

The Maple Brown Sugar was not my absolute favorite.
The taste was good just not my taste really.

The Raisin's & Almonds were also very good ,being someone who love's Raisin's and Almond's it's a no brainer.I would buy this one, I loved the taste and it's filling.

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Special K Nourish Bar's-
Lemon Twist was good,If you like citrus you'll really like this bar.
It was zesty and sweet and is great for an on the go perk up.

Chocolate was my favorite by far,a mild and smooth chocolate the really satisfy's your sweet tooth.
Go get this one it's delicious!

Cranberry Almond was really good and really sweet .It was so tasty.
Go out and get this one too if you love the taste of Cranberry .

Try One Or Try Them All!

And that's my review for the Special K Hot Cereal & Nourish Bar's.

Thank you for reading! :)