Monday, November 17, 2014

Scotties Tissues~

I am just tickled pink to be able to try out these so soft tissues!
Scotties Tissues~are great when you need to reach for a tissue for a sniffly nose,allergies,watery eye's or whatever comes along.Scotties is there to keep your skin protected.They never cause chaffing or raw,dry skin like some other brands can after extended use.You have to give these a try to see for yourself how dependable Scotties are.Soft and strong is a winning combination! I got these products Scotties tissues free for purpose of review,the views expressed in this post are 100 percent my own. #GotItFree

Tazo Chai Tea

Tazo Chai Tea 

Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea
Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea
& The Original Chai Tea

I have been so impressed with this tea.I had never tried flavored teas until I got a chance to try it through Smiley
I first tried the Pumpkin Spice I figured it was fitting to try that one first being it's the time of year for pumpkin,Well,from the very first sip,mmmm... It had such a good flavor.The pumpkin and spice flavor stands out the most while the tea is the subtle aftert taste.
I next tried the Original Chai Latte and really enjoyed all the mingling of different taste all together that makes for a really good flavor!
Lastly I tried Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea and loved it also.It had such a rich taste and the Caramel really came out while the vanilla was the secondary flavor but,put together makes this a melt in your mouth combo! I got this product free for the purpose of review,All the statements made are entirely my own.#GotItFree