Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Guylian Belgian Chocolate

I recently got a wonderful opportunity to try out these fine chocolates and wanted to share my review with you,all of my friends and blog followers!

First off I'd like to talk about the look of the candy:The box is beautifully designed,the touch of gold flaking on the front adds that little touch of class.It let's you know your getting a sophisticated chocolate candy experience and the design makes you feel like you've just been transported into a chocolate candy dream!

 The design of the chocolates: speaks of high class and they are beautifully crafted into varies shapes of  seashells and seahorses, which transports you to the beach with thought's of sitting in the sand with your toes in the water and a warm breeze blowing by as you enjoy this decadent chocolate.

Next I'd like to talk about taste: This chocolate that is marbled with 100% pure,silky smooth milk,dark and white Belgian chocolate filled with their signature hazelnut filling is a true pleasure of the senses.The aroma of the chocolate beckons you and when you take your first bite you know you've experienced delicious,fine chocolate's at their very best! The hazelnut filling dances over your taste buds and gives you an ever so slight hint of it's flavor intermingling with the white and dark milk chocolate that everyone already knows and loves to give it the most decadent,flavorful,gratifying taste that keeps your taste buds begging for more!

And finally I'd like to talk about the ingredients: These Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Truffles are made by slow roasting and caramelizing fresh Mediterranean hazelnuts in small-batch copper kettles and then finely crushing and blending them with luxuriously rich and creamy Belgian milk chocolate.

I recommend Guylian's beautifully hand crafted chocolate to any chocolate lover or to anyone who has a chocolate lover in their life. You have got to taste it to believe it!