Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey guy's how's it going?
I know it's been awhile since I last posted but, as a BzzAgent I came back on to review TRUMOO milk and to tell you about their contest they've got going on.
First off,If you love chocolate milk or even vanilla which is the other flavor it comes in also, you have got to try TRUMOO milk.
I have got to say, it is 'Thee' best milk I have ever tasted in my life!, and that is no small feat considering I rarely like to drink milk.
This stuff is so chocolaty and smooth,the chocolate is not over powering but just the right amount to wet your whistle and cure your sweet tooth.
My stepson's love TRUMOO milk so much that when I told them I was going to be able to get and review it they both ran up and hugged me!

They also have a cool little contest going on where when you buy a participating TRUMOO milk you get a code on the cap.You can enter the code on TRUMOO'S Facebook page and enter to win the grand prize,A Haunted Hollywood all expense's paid trip.Wouldn't that be awesome to win?!Also just for signing up for the contest you'll receive a $2.00 dollar off any GOOSEBUMP'S D.V.D. !

So run don't walk to the store to get your TRUMOO milk not only for the delicious chocolaty goodness your about to encounter, but the chance at a free trip and a $2.00 off coupon on your favorite GOOSEBUMP'S D.V.D. to boot!