Thursday, February 26, 2015


Weight Watchers Cereal

Real fruit, whole grains and only 3-5 PointsPlus® value per serving means you can savor every spoonful in a delicious bowl of Weight Watchers Cereal. It's a  great way to help start your day!
With so many varieties and flavors you can't go wrong!
Flavors Include: 
~ Oat Clusters with Almonds features steel-cut oatmeal clusters, real almonds and 8g of whole grains per serving
~Honey Nut Toasted Oats are made with real honey and provide 18g whole grains per serving
~ Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein features 12-layer biscuits, 6g protein, 5g fiber and 40g whole grains
~ Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds are made with real cherries, crunchy almonds and 8 essential vitamins and minerals per serving
~ Chocolate Frosted Shredded Wheat is made with real cocoa, featuring 5g fiber and 38g whole grains per serving

I personally have tried the Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein and I love it!
It taste like a full calorie cereal,no diet taste here, and it's very delicious and filling.
I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to drop some pounds,because you Do Not have to sacrifice the taste when you're dieting!

#GotItFree I received this product for free for purpose of review,all views and claims are 100 percent my own.
I'm trying this product for free thanks to MOM Brands, distributor of Weight Watchers® cereals

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