Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Peavy Shower Curtian Liner

Peavy Shower Curtain Liner

What can I say about this shower curtain liner?,well I can say that it is a good quality shower curtain and I would know because I have used several cheap one's in my life that did not last too long,being out of a shower curtain and out of that money is frustrating let me tell ya! I was really hoping that this shower curtain would exceed my expectations and it really did! It has been so nice to have a shower curtain liner that you don't have to worry about falling apart on you as soon as you get it.This liner is heavy duty with reenforced eyelets guaranteed to hold up for a long time.Plus it's mold and mildew resistant which is great because we all know it can happen easily in a bathroom that is not properly ventilated.I have used this for awhile and I'm very happy with how durable and how clean it has stayed.I highly recommend this shower curtain liner because it's made very well and does what it promises to do.
I got this product free for purpose of review,all views and claims are 100 percent my own.

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