Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reacher Grabber

Reacher Grabber

I was really excited about this item because I had a project in mind and that project was to clean up all the trash that people throw out along the sides of the road on the road that I live on.
I felt like this would be perfect for just this very thing,you can easily reach the items without breaking your back and it has a lever that works a clamp on the end that makes it so easy to pick up anything you need.
I also found other uses for this product which was that you can reach a light switch to turn it off or on,you can pick up yucky stuff that you would rather not touch with your hands,you can retrieve things that may fall behind dressers,beds or under a stoves.And so much more!

I loved how high quality this reacher grabber was,the handle is made of heavy duty plastic with a rubberized grip and the pole is made of a light weight metal but make no mistake it's very durable.I highly recommend this reacher grabber to anyone who needs a helping hand,this grabber is great for all ages and has so many uses.
I got this product free for purpose of review,all views and claims are 100 percent my own.

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